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Amusement parks

The amusement Parks of the Riviera Romagnola are a real attraction, every year there are many visitors who decide to spend a day or half day to discover every time a new amusement park. Between Cattolica, Rimini and Ravenna you can find the amusement parks and water parks the most beautiful holiday in the riviera.

In family or with friends, you can spend fun days between attractions for adults and children, games, extreme, games, water parks and themed to learn about the nature.

The aquarium of Cattolica

The Park Le Navi Cattolica is a complex that contains several buildings including Acquapolis-and Geopolis , which lead directly into the sea, including the seabed, animals, plants, and sharks that characterise the park.

The section on Poisons is home to animals and poisonous plants, with a path that is tailor created to ensure safety and fun. Finally, the structure of The sounds of the sea and the conquest of The seas, two paths to understand and learn about the history of the sea from its discovery up to the present day, including sounds, games, and interactive activities.


Fiabilandia is located in Rimini Miramare, a few steps from the centre of the city. Here you can find attractions dedicated to children who want to have fun and venture between Fiabilandia Express, Dream Lake, the Village, the Navaho, the Bay of Peter Pan, the gold Mine and Captain Nemo Adventure.

Inside the park there are dining areas for a nice break with the family, among a game and the other; there is no shortage of entertainment for the little ones with Fiaby Parade, Show, thrilling, and Wild West Show.


In Riccione the park that always is curious about all vacationers is Aquafan, the big water park that over the years has enriched its proposal with Imax and Oltremare. The input to all three areas is the same, but the cost of the ticket varies depending on what you want to see.

Aquafan offers water games, outdoor water slides daring , such as the legendary Kamikaze, or the more recent Extreme and games for children such as the Cartoon Network Beach, where everything is suited to the needs of pi children.

Imax and Oltremare

Imax is the cinema in three dimensional where you can find special screenings to see in a screen as tall as a seven-storey building, a unique experience.

Overseas is the largest animal park and of nature, to attend beautiful shows with the dolphin Ulysses and all the friends of the aquarium.


Mirabilandia is the amusement park that is located not far from Rimini, near Ravenna, where, from spring to autumn you can have fun with games of adventure, courage, and relaxing.

For those seeking the thrill of is certainly no lack of games more daring, such as the Katun, 110 km per hour to 1200 meters of height, a loop of 360 degrees for the Inverted Coaster in Europe.

For most children a lot of fun games, and anarea of beach where you can refresh, even in the warmer seasons.