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A holiday in italy also means a journey inthe hinterland of the Riviera of Romagna, between the countries and the most beautiful villages of this beautiful part of Italy. Between the mountains and the hills of Valmarecchia, there are many places you can visit in a half and a whole day.

The hinterland offers traditions all to be discovered, in places, but also in the kitchen, thanks to the medieval villages, with fortresses, squares and castles. From Villa Verucchio in Rimini, at the heart of the Conca Valley, there are several villages to visit.

Rimini and surroundings

Rimini and its valleys have been settled since the middle Ages by the lords and the families that on the hills and the mountains steep they have built their castles. If you wish to do a trip not far from the city of Rimini, the destinations for a nice walk in the name of history and culture are not lacking. If you prefer a bit of sports such as trekking or mountain biking, the hinterland offers natural trails from the steps to unforgettable.

Santarcangelo di Romagna is the homeland of the famous poet Tonino Guerra and offers magical views to all visitors. Rimini, Villa Verucchio, Verucchio and Torriana are villages and cultural and artistic events that are worth a visit, inside churches, hidden squares, discover the atmosphere of the times.

Villa Verucchio

In the Valmarecchia valley, between Tuscany and Romagna, are Saiano, San Marino and San Leo, the stronghold of the Signoria of the Malatesta family, which has built its strongholds on rough rock outcrops. In the Valmarecchia you will find small villages, descending in a valley of unique beauty, which are also important cultural centres of the whole of Romagna.

Reserve of Onferno

Montegridolfo and Gemmano are the places where you will find the Natural Reserve of Onferno, where you can spend an afternoon of discovery in close contact with nature.

The valley of the Conca

Within the Valley of the Conca, you will find other beautiful villages, displaced relative to the first and more towards the south, on the border with the Marches. Saludecio and Montefiore Conca, they have beautiful castles where you can see the entire coast.