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Cesenatico is not only a summer destination, but it is much, much more. Even in the winter and during the christmas holidays, Cesenatico offers many initiatives and events.

Cesenatico is a cradle of history and tradition and they show the Port Channel leonardo, the Museum of the Navy , and also the streets and squares more and more features. You will find many traditions in this ancient village of sailors.

Even in the winter Cesantico is all to discover: events and fairs such as The fish does holiday, many proposals during the holiday season as the Christmas Village and the Christmas Markets make Cesenatico the ideal place for a holiday all year round.

The Port Channel Leonardesco

The Canal Harbour is the place around which lies the historic town of Cesenatico, and branch off the streets the most beautiful and characteristic of the city. Made on the original drawing of Leonardo da Vinci , 1502, along the canal, you will find some of the most important monuments as piazza Pisacane, the nineteenth-century fish market and Piazza delle Conserve.

The museum of the Navy

Obligatory stop for anyone visiting Cesenatico, the Maritime Museum is the only one in Italy that in the normal exposure to the ground, and also adds a floating section with eleven boats in the water and a section sailing with three other boats that are kept operational to preserve and revive the ancient art of navigation.

Presepe della Marineria

The Presepe della Marineria is theonly floating nativity scene in Italy and in the World. The frame of the crib is the Port Canal, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, is hosting the boats of the Maritime Museum and the first edition was held in 1986 and consisting of 7 sculptures: today I hosted 50 life-size statues of wood, canvas, and wax, the same materials with which were built the traditional boats.

Cesenatico on the ice

From mid-December until mid-January, children and adults can skate to two steps from the sea. In piazza Andrea Costa, a beautiful ice rink right on the sand. Those who want to take a break, a hot chocolate or an aperitif, you can always rely on the “Hut on the sea”, where you can drink typical of the mountains.

Christmas markets

From the beginning of December until Epiphany, along the Port Canal, lit by thousands of lights, you will find the stands of the Christmas markets. Decorations, decorations, tasting of local products, crafts and much more. You can buy everything and anything can be given as a present to bring a little holiday with us to return home.

Christmas Village

Santa Claus with his whole village, are guests each year, from mid-November to mid-January with the Santa Claus Village. Elves and goblins and the fairy tale world of Santa Claus you can find in Cesenatico to go and pass on to the smaller moments of magic.

Parco Levante

The Park of Levante Cesenatico is the green lung of the city, two steps from the sea. With an area of 40 hectares, in it you can find pines, poplars, oaks, tamarisks and alders. The whole park is equipped with trails by bike or on foot and there are also two ponds with swans and ducks, two children's play areas, a picnic area and a summer bar.